T111 self drilling hollow anchor bar

T111 self-drilling hollow anchor bar is made of seamless steel pipe with thick wall. In addition, surface thread-shaping techology is taken. Its design is advancing according to easy and similar operation principle under different rock mass and soil conditions. Drilling, anchoring and grouting can be performed in one single operation. It is easy to cut through various rocks With a bit at the anchor head, anchor bar can be cut and lengthened on request, applying to narrow spaces. It is mainly used for radial bolting, fore-poling, micro injection pile, face stabilization and temporary support anchor.


T111 self drilling hollow anchor bar

Size Outer Dia. (mm) Inner Dia. (mm) Ultimate Load (KN) Yield Load (KN) Weight (Kg/m) Thread
T111/82 111 79 2640 2000 25 R
T111/75 111 75 3650 2750 34.5 R


Anchor Coupling

‍Outer Dia. (mm) Length (mm) Weight (Kg) Thread
140 250 11.5 R

Anchor Nut

Size Type Key Size(mm) Length(mm) Weight(Kg)
T111 Spherical Collar Nut 150 120 9.00

Anchor Plate

Size Type Dimensions(mm) Thickness(mm) Hole Dia.(mm) Weight(Kg)
T111/82 Plat Plate 300*300 80 130 47.80
T111/75 Plat Plate 350*350 90 130 76.80


Size Outer Dia.(mm) Length(mm) Weight(Kg)
T111 170 50 1.80

Drill Bits

Type Size Diameter (mm)
EX T111 ø220
ESS-F T111 ø220
Clay Bit T111 ø220


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T111 self drilling hollow anchor bar is one of our excellent self-drilling anchor system.The thick wall which is made of seamless steel pipe gives it more capacities to easily adapt the limited space than traditional self drilling anchor bolt. Moreover,it is available with any length and directions when you use the high-strength coupling elongated by mechanical cutting technology. So the demand of this type exceeds the supply in various kinds of engineering environment application.

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