T30 Hollow Injection Bar

T30 hollow injection bar is suitable for granular soils and fills. This installation method utilizes a Grout Swivel, grout pump and drifter. The technique combines drilling and grouting as a single operation, ensuring that grout is placed over the full length of the borehole. For ground conditions where borehole collapse is anticipated or where subsequent grout injection down the center of the bar is problematical, T30 hollow injection bar is the preferred solution.


T30 hollow injection bar

Size Outer Dia. (mm) Inner Dia. (mm) Ultimate Load (KN) Yield Load (KN) Weight (Kg/m) Thread
T30/16 30 15 220 180 2.7 L
T30/14 30 14 260 220 2.9 L
T30/11-1 30 13 320 260 3.3 L
T30/11 30 11 320 260 3.65 L


Anchor Coupling

Outer Dia. (mm) Length (mm) Weight (Kg) Thread
38 105 0.42 L

Anchor Nut

Size Type Key Size (mm) Length (mm) Weight(Kg)
T30 Spherical Collar Nut 46 35 0.35

Anchor Plate

Size Type Dimensions (mm) Thickness (mm) Hole Dia. (mm) Weight (Kg)
T30/16 Plat Plate 150*150 25 40 4.20
T30/14 Plat Plate 200*200 8 36 2.43
T30/11 Plat Plate 200*200 12 38 3.85

Drill Bit Adapter

Size Drill Bit Length (mm) Weight (Kg)
T30 T40 50 0.21
T30 R51 68 0.68


Size Outer Dia. (mm) Length (mm) Weight (Kg)
T30 70 35 0.21
T30 88 35 0.27

Drill Bits

Type Size Diameter (mm)
EX T30 ø51, ø76, ø90
EXX T30 ø51, ø63, ø76
ES-F T30 ø42, ø46, ø51, ø55
ESS-F T30 ø51
Clay Bit T30 ø75, ø95
EY T30 ø51


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T30 hollow injection bar have been tested by lots of projects.It is widely applied to pre-support project, radial support project, slope stabilization, foundation support project, roadway support project, soil nail wall, back pull anchor rod retaining wall and other rock supporting work.

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