Duplex coating hollow bar adopts two corrosion-prevention measurements on the bolt surface. That are hot-dip galvanizing and epoxy coating, which can prevent corrosion very well.

Duplex coating hollow bar is applied to conditions which are influenced by underground water such as road, railway tunnel and subsea tunnel and which are corroded by seawater such as harbor, wharf and buildings on the sea affected.


1. Thick hot-dip galvanizing coating, dense combination, high anti-corrosion and good toughness.

2. Benefits of epoxy coating:

  • High adhesive force to the steel substrate.
  • Excellent physical properties and chemical stability.
  • Excellent toughness and wear resistance.
  • A wide range of temperature adaptability.
  • Fine insulation and resisting anode dissolution.

3. Its anti-corrosion of the combination of two methods can keep more than 100 years.

Size Ultimate Tensile Strength Mpa Yield Strength Mpa Hot-dip Galvanized Zinc Coating Thickness μm Epoxy Layer Thickness μm Thread Strandard
R25N 730 550 ≥70 ≥60 ISO10208
R32N 700 580 ≥70 ≥60 ISO10208


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Where there have water there have duplex coating hollow bar. So the application of the product is clear.Anchor bolt especially used in the condition which is influenced by underground water and sea water, such as harbor, wharf and projects on the water affected. Due to the characteristics of material, it can provide an effective anchor solution for the harsh temperature conditions.

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