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hollow anchoring system

Hollow grouting anchor in the application of large section chamber in supporting

Using hollow grouting anchor to support the large section permanent chamber, realize the bolting and grouting integration, improve the bearing capacity of anchor cable, and decrease two sides and the deformation amount between roof and floor of roadway, the roof deep separation has been effectively controlled, achieved good supporting effect, and saved the reinforcement support cost, which indicate that the bolting and grouting methods on the basis of hollow grouting anchor to the stability of large cross section chamber has significant effect, it is worthy of popularization and application.

The advantages of using self drilling hollow grouting anchor

(1) The construction process is simple, the operation is convenient, the construction period is reduced, the amount of the project is saved, the total construction period is shortened, the labor intensity of the workers is obviously reduced and the construction speed is improved.

(2) Economic and reasonable, reduce the cost of support and construction costs

(3) Advanced technology, safe and reliable, the project practice proves that under the premise of ensuring hollow grouting anchor bolt and anchor cable force, the anchor net and anchor wire and shotcrete combined support of large section cavern supporting effect is obvious, safe and reliable.

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