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September 09 2017 0comment
rock bolt drilling

Hollow grouting bolt in Large scale Underground Power Plant

In order to solve the problems of steep— inclined limestone,poor self support capability of weak and soft shale and difficulties in the control of the rock mass deformation in the construction of the underground powerplant of Pengshui hydropower station,the new technology of expansion and prestressed type hollow grouting bolt with steel wedge is adopted to […]

August 08 2017 0comment
soil nailing micropiles

Hollow Bar Micropiles as the economical system for constructions

Hollow Bar Micropiles have emerged since the early to mid 1990’s as an economical system for installation primarily in soils. This type of micropile is easily installed in low headroom or restricted access applications and exhibits high unit load capacities coupled with superior stiffness performance compared to conventional drilled and grouted ground anchors without the […]

July 27 2017 0comment
hollow anchoring system

Hollow grouting anchor in the application of large section chamber in supporting

Using hollow grouting anchor to support the large section permanent chamber, realize the bolting and grouting integration, improve the bearing capacity of anchor cable, and decrease two sides and the deformation amount between roof and floor of roadway, the roof deep separation has been effectively controlled, achieved good supporting effect, and saved the reinforcement support […]

June 14 2017 0comment
self drilling hollow anchor bar

Sinorock hollow bar micropiles can ensure the quality of projects

Hollow bar micropiles are becoming a popular option for foundation retrofitting because of their fast installation and effectiveness as both a foundation system and ground improvement at the same time. Self drilling hollow grouting bolt is made up of drill bit,hollow rod body,anchor plate and anchor nut.It is mainly used for the supporting engineering in […]

June 02 2017 0comment
hollow bar support for mining

Improvement measures of hollow anchor bar’s support

Self drilling hollow bar support is an active form of support, the support has the advantages such as low cost, fast supporting speed, low labor intensity, especially greatly simplifies the mining working face end support and advanced support technology, provides security for the rapid development of coal mining face. It is an important supporting technology […]

May 13 2017 0comment
hollow bar system

The hollow bar system of Sinorock is efficient and economical as a reinforcement tool

The hollow bar technique have been used in the United States as a self-grouting soil nails which replaces the traditional drill and grout method. The drilling, installation and grouting of nailing in this method is combined into one single step. This method proves to be advantageous for caving ground conditions and was initially employed for […]

April 27 2017 0comment
hollow bar micropiles

Quality control of micropile components is usually very simple and reliable

Quality control of micropile components is usually very simple and reliable. The reinforcement materials can be obtained with quality certification from most providers. The grout, if prepared consistently using colloidal mixers to the right proportions as verified by Baroid Mud Balance tests, will almost always yield the desired strength. However, there may be questions regarding […]

April 14 2017 0comment
injection hollow bar

The features and quality control measures of injection hollow bar

Self drilling hollow bar is hollow structure, so it can be used as drill bar and mortar conveying pipe. Slurry jets from bit through anchor bar, permeates the surrounding of anchor bar under pressure and then fills the cracks of broken rocks. It can consolidate surrounding rocks and strengthen anchoring effect. Quality Control Measures of […]

March 23 2017 0comment
hollow bar micropiles

Quality Requirements of Seamless Steel Tube

Hollow bar micropiles are made of seamless steel tube. Basing on different working conditions and purposes, it has different requirements on seamless steel tube’s shape, size, chemical component, mechanical property, processing property and other quality indexes and technical conditions. There are several aspects’ requirements about products’ quality: 1. Chemical component of steel. Chemical component of […]

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