about us

Market Feedback

After several years’ exploration ,Sinorock® has occupied a central position in the global anchorage exportation market.Our clients are widely distributed in Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa, North America, South America. All of these depend on our reliable products, excellent services and great reputation.


Our Certification

In order to provide reliable products for global customers,the authority certifications, such as ISO, SGS and Bureau are definitely necessary.But that’s not enough , our company’s internal strict quality control system is establishing and will become the new direction of our quality inspection.


Sinorock® Factory

Our own factory gives us sufficient confidence to meet the varies requirements of all our clients.The most advanced hollow bar production lines and accessories processing equipment fully guarantee the quality and standard.These are the most solid foundation of our team and our company.

Sinorock® Family


A wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival Party.


10 staff attended the training of executive ability.


Everyone was busy in picking strawberries!Look! The king of the strawberry!